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Sales Policy


All of our pups will be wormed, dew claws removed, and tails docked before adoption. They will be current with shots.


We also request that if for any reason you decide a Cane Corso is not for you, that you return the dog to us. Prices vary per litter depending on the breeding and pedigree. In general, our import litters will be priced higher than other litters. Our average prices are provided below. Contact us for details on the price of a specific puppy you are interested in.


First & Second-Pick-of-Litter Puppy: $3,000

Breed Quality Puppy: $2,500.

Companion Quality Puppy: $2,000.


Puppies can be paid for by wire transfer to our bank account, cashier’s check or cash. Please no checks!Deposits will be accepted until puppies are born. After puppies are born, full payment is due. All puppies held with deposit will be paid in full when puppies are born, unless other arrangements have been made.


Adoption Policy


We will expect a $1,000.00 non-refundable deposit to reserve one of our puppies.  Pick of litter pups are the exception- they are to be paid in full. No monies paid toward puppies will be refunded.The deposit is a promise to buy a puppy. If for some reason the Buyer changes his/her mind on a puppy, they forfeit their deposit. If something should happen to the puppy, if it is not available for health reasons, or the breeding/litter should not produce the desired puppy, the deposit will be applied to another puppy, or a later litter. The deposit is non- refundable.


The Buyer has read and fully understands the terms of this contract and agrees to comply with them. Buyer, by making the deposit, agrees in full to this agreement.


Pet Quality or Companion puppies come with a spay/neuter contract. Puppies will have two sets of shots, de wormed, tails docked, and dew claws removed. No monies paid towards puppies will be refunded. Color is not guaranteed. After puppies are born I will list available puppies’ pictures on this website.


We do reserve the right to refuse deposit/payment if we feel our puppy would not have a good home. Your deposit reserves a puppy for you, however, it does not guarantee that we will sell you one if we feel the temperament is not a good match for your family, or your family is not a good match for this breed.


***Paying a deposit toward a puppy means that you have read this policy.***


Ear Crops


The choice to crop ears on your new puppy is left to each buyer's choice/decision. Crooked Creek Cane Corso does not require ear crops on any of our puppies; however we are happy to provide a recommendation and referral to our vet who provides a quality crop and great service.Buyers who choose to have their pup's ears cropped with our vet understand that there is risk with any surgery when anesthesia is used, agree to pay for all crop expenses ($425), and agree that Crooked Creek Cane Corso will not be held liable for any complications resulting from buyer's choice to have ear crop surgery performed.


Shipping/Pickup of your Puppy


Shipping is available, after your pup reaches 8 weeks of age, if you are unable to personally pick up your new puppy.Your total shipping expense will generally be around $450 including shipping kennel. Kennel is a quality crate which will meet the requirements required to ship with most airlines. For an older or larger puppy, the kennel and shipping cost will increase slightly. If the puppy is older than 12 weeks, there is an additional $20 charge for a rabies vaccination which is required to ship. We provide a written health guarantee, plenty of bedding, and food/water dishes for the trip.Pups are available to go home at 8 weeks of age (unless we make the decision that an individual pup may need another week or two to mature before leaving). Once your final payment and signed agreement are received, we will make reservations to have your new puppy shipped home to you, or arrangements to be picked up by you.If you purchase a dog/puppy but are not ready to have it sent home at its available date (unless the delay is by our decision) your Corso will be boarded here unless other arrangements are made in advance. Our Boarding terms are provided below.


Boarding Terms


Crooked Creek offers boarding services for our pups if you are not able to take them home when they are available, or if you need somewhere for them to stay as an alternative to a kennel. Cane Corsos are boarded at the rate of $10.00/day. Board balance will be paid before puppy will be released. Board will include feed, socialization, play-time, bathing, vaccinations, worming, nail trims, routine vet visits, general care, and more as needed. Buyer will be responsible for major veterinary expenses incurred while dog is being boarded.


Stud Service


We offer stud service to approved females. Please inquire for details.


Puppy Care


We feed a high protein dry dog and puppy food. After puppies have been weaned, I place them on goats’ milk until they are eight weeks old. Fresh water should be available at all times for your puppy.If you want to crate train your puppy, you will need a 48" heavy wire crate. Your local pet store should carry them. Puppies enjoy chewing on anything they can get their teeth on, so instead of having to replace your furniture, you should try pig ears, pig twist, a Kong with peanut butter, liver snaps, or any heavy rope toy. Try not to give them any plastic toys, they will eat them.


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call. We love to talk about Corsos!


Please contact us regarding our current puppy availability.


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