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Crooked Creek Cane Corso is nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina just north of Asheville.  We are an elite breeder committed to producing and raising the finest quality Cane Corso. 
Crooked Creek Cane Corso started in 2012 with the goal to select a single elite male and female to have as part of our family and to further this amazing breed.  It was our goal to select the finest examples from the top Cane Corso lines in the world today to begin our breeding program. 
Our extensive research of the breed led us back to the beginning to some of the most important bloodlines in Cane Corso history.  With the help of the finest Cane Corso breeders in Italy, we imported our first young Italian stud, Duncan Della Collina Del Corso as one of the cornerstones of our breeding program. Duncan, as seen below, is the product of an exceptional breeding with Italian Champion Ayron Del Dyrium (Vito Indiveri) x Italian Champion Sibunity Deandra Della Collina Del Corso (Alfonso Ventola).    
Italian Champion Parsifal Della Valle Dei Lord (Luigi Di Rienzo), as seen above, was imported to Crooked Creek in June 2017.  Parsifal is one of the most famous and beloved Cane  Corso of all time.  Parsifal is the grandson of world renown Italian Champion Bayron owned by Luigi Di Rienzo (Della Valle Dei Lord) and bred by Vito Indiveri (Del Dyrium).  Bayron is considered by many Cane Corso experts to be one of the most important Cane Corsos of all time.  
Thor Della Valle Dei Lord joined his sire, Parsifal, at Crooked Creek Cane Corso in July 2018.  Thor is another awesome example of the Dyrium bloodline carried in the sons and grandsons of Bayron.  Many exciting future breedings are planned.
Since January 2017, we have  added ten direct Italian Imports to our breeding program--- all from the finest kennels in Italy including Del Dyrium (Vito Indiveri), Della Valle Dei Lord (Luigi Di Rienzo), Dell Antiqua Apulia (Roberto Giannuli), Della Scuderia De Angelis (Antonio De Angelis), and Della Collina Del Corso (Alfonso Ventola).  There are too many world renown Italian Champions in these bloodlines to mention.
The goal of our breeding program is to produce and raise the finest quality Cane Corso puppy.  Our litters are strategically planned to produce puppies with an even temperament, excellent genetics, correct type and Championship pedigrees.  Our Cane Corso puppies reflect the most respected current Italian Champion bloodlines in the world today. We are passionate about maintaining breed standards and continuing to contribute to the Italian Cane Corso breed.
We are committed to placing our Cane Corso puppies in the best homes.  It is our goal to provide responsible homes to all our puppies.  We provide lifetime breeder support. Whether you are interested in the Cane Corso for his ability to defend and protect, champion in the show ring, or to become the loving family companion, Crooked Creek Cane Corso will assist you in finding the perfect match.
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